Snurk Doona Cover Sets

It started with a silly idea about a cardboard box doona cover; Le-Clochard. And it lived inside Peggy's head for years. One day, Erik lost his job unexpectedly and thus the dream became reality.

Together they worked out a plan to donate a large part of the proceeds tfrom the sale of the doona cover to The Dutch Foundation for Homeless Youngsters (SZN). The Homeless Foundation responded with enthusiasm to their plans and so Erik and Peggy decided to take the plunge.

And new ideas kept on coming. Just like emails from people all over the world wanting more unusual bedding like this. A year and a half later SNURK bedding was introduced. (SNURK means "to snore" in Dutch.)

Our designs start out as ideas in Holland. Sometimes sketched out poorly, sometimes not even that. But with the helping hands of our talented friends, our ideas turn into photographic designs. Then they get sent off to Portugal, where again we rely on hard working helping hands to get them produced. It can sometimes take months to get a design to where we want it to be.

So for us it only makes sense that after all that time, care and effort, we print it on the best cotton and velour available. A great design deserves great fabric. And that’s pretty much how we create our bedding and cushions, made for your horizontal happiness. Enjoy.
Snurk doona cover designs are timeless and engaging. They include a wonderful Kids Snurk collection, Snurk Princess and Snurk Astronaut. And you can not but love Snurk Bob, an adorable dog that is curled up fast asleep on the doona cover. The Snurk range is evolving all the time and is alway fresh and inspiring.


Snurk’s creative doona cover designs are an extremely popular gift for any occasion, from engagement gifts for couples, to magnificent gifts for kids from the huge range of kid’s doona covers. We have selected the top children’s bed linen designs in our collection of boys doona covers, girls doona covers, and of course everyone loves Snurk Bob, the adorable dog that curls up on the corner of your Snurk designer bed linen.

Imagine the joy on a young boys face as he curls up every night underneath an astronaut suit… or a little girl who sleeps each night as a Princess! This thought is what makes our range of kid’s doona cover sets one of our most popular gifts for kids.

Snurk’s innovative donna cover sets and textile designs are constantly expanding, and as we handpick designer bed linen from their creations, we implore you to subscribe to our newsletter, and keep up to date with our changing stock as to not miss out on these special products.