Decor Trends That Make an Apartment a Home

Decor Trends That Make an Apartment a Home

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:27 August 2014 

Apartment living is often a space to sleep, eat and leave to go to work.  The room sizes are typically small and can prove to be a challenge to decorate. The trick is to bring personality to a space without making it feel cluttered and even smaller!!

Punches of colour give life to a room but keep it to clusters and do not overdo it.  The key is to keep it simple.  Clean lines and simple patterning will give depth and character to a room.

Less is more.  I am sure you have heard this before but it is a way of achieving an illusion of space, as the eye is not jumping around the room.  It creates a sense of calm and therefore a space where you are happy to spend time.

Geometric prints are a favourite this season and are a perfect match to create a sense of interest, through colour and simple patterning.    Introduce texture also, as this is appealing to the eye and will add warmth.  Textiles made of natural materials also give a feeling of substance and grounding and they feel wonderful and cosy!

Texture can be introduced into many rooms in the apartment including the kitchen as this is normally a shared space with your living and dining areas.  Consider the versatile use of natural elements to give character and again do not overdo the colour elements. Light colours will give a feeling of openness and therefore space.



Bamboo in kitchenware is wonderfully simple, tactile and incredible practical for apartment living as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. A space saver and economical!



 Transition colours from zones subtly so that the eye flows from one living area to another.  Simple décor does not mean boring!


Don’t be afraid to use colour, your   rooms do not need to beige.


Have fun choosing décor and furnishings for your apartment and you will infuse personality into the spaces. Make it a place you want to relax and come home and enjoy. 



Creature comforts …the addition of a pet to your home is a great way to achieve a feeling of comfort … not allowed a pet? Think again, be creative!!!



Katrina Rinckes    

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