Fantastic gift ideas to give to your children

Fantastic gift ideas to give to your children

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:25 June 2015 

With their heightened expectations and eagerness for special occasions, choosing the right gift for a child can, oddly enough, seem like one of the most daunting prospects possible. We want to show them that we care for them, as well as give them something that they will be able to hold onto for much longer than their childhood, but what to choose? Do you go the education and inspiration route to gift giving, or something that will entertain them for ages?

This particular conundrum is the reason why providing truly unique gifts for your children, is perhaps the most rewarding thing that you can possibly do. A unique present, manufactured with the thoughtfulness and care that comes with our smaller designer studios, provides you with the opportunity to give them something that they won’t ever forget. Below, we’ve listed three stunning ideas for unique gifts for kids, that will show them just how much you care for them.

Da Vinci inspirational toys

Following on from the tricky decision to choose a gift that is either inspirational, or bound to provide your kids with hours of enjoyment, why not decide to choose a gift that will satisfy both curiosities? Our collection of fully working Da Vinci inventions - completed in incredibly accurate and fine detail - will not only have them playing around for hours, but also open up a whole new world to them of innovation, creativity, and outside the box thinking.

These products are also handy as gift ideas for men, keeping them occupied during downtime. The timber used in its construction is also sourced from sustainable forests, meaning it’s a great present to give for those who are environmentally conscious.

Cardboard construction kits

Kids love building from scratch, shaping and sculpting their own design to their will. With our catalogue of cardboard construction kits, they will be able to create their very own doll house or pirate ship, whichever they fancy. These toys come with the promise of a blank canvas, and will invite your child to colour in and decorate the toy to whatever their desire. Best of all, the toys are highly durable, and as such, will provide your child with endless hours of enjoyment for years to come.

Creative baby gifts

Whilst not coming with the same dilemma as that found for kids, choosing baby gifts doesn’t get any easier, with the added criteria of having to select a present that they will be able to cherish when they’re older. We possess a great range of adorable little blankets and beanies adorned with soft, pleasing colours. The fabric used is even softer still. Comprised of 100% cotton, it will be incredibly comfortable to touch, whilst also ensuring that they stay warm, even in the coldest weather imaginable.

We hope that you’ve been inspired by this article. If you’re still lost, whatever you do, don’t panic! Our catalogue is fairly extensive, and there are more fantastic present ideas for kids right throughout our store. It’s one way that we are helping to make gift giving an exciting and wonderful occasion.

What’s your ideal idea for a present to give to your children?

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