Fathers Day - What to get the Man that has everything

Fathers Day - What to get the Man that has everything

Author: Katrina   Date Posted:29 August 2015 

The great Fathers Day challenge is often felt in the weeks and days leading up to Fathers Day.  What to give the man that has everything?  The guy that has a loving partner, the car of his dreams and all the toys for his favourite hobby.  He works hard, and enjoys life.

To buy him the present of his dreams, well, that could be expensive and you might have to match the expectations for next year.

Whatever you do, dont buy Dad socks!

At Krinkle we excel with simple, affordable and unique gift ideas that your Dad will love.  Our advice is always to keep it simple, and unless you are a millionaire, focus on affordable gifts!  Try our new range of Australian hand made cufflinks by We Make Stuff - they are the epitome of cool.

For a more creative gift check out our Da Vinci kits.  There is something satisfying about making working models and made better by the fact Da Vinci designed these machines hundreds of years ago.

To really spoil Dad with a thoughtful gift, spoil him with some grooming products.  Our favourite brand this month is Triumph and Disaster www.krinkle.com.au/men/grooming/

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