Gift Ideas for Men That Will Make His Day!

Gift Ideas for Men That Will Make His Day!

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:2 March 2015 

Thinking of gift ideas for men can be surprisingly difficult, there are only so many ties you can give to your father, husband, boyfriend or brother after all. So what do you get the cherished males in your life, when power tools and golf clubs just seem so common and outdated? At Krinkle, we know exactly what he wants, and have come up with an amazing selection of fantastic gift ideas for men that will make his day!

Our extensive collection of brilliant presents for men, are sourced from some of the best designers and producers both locally and internationally. Our unique gifts will also suit any occasion, whether it be for birthdays or the festive period. If you’re still stuck on what to get him, below we’ve included a few ideas to get the creative mind going. Don’t forget that we can also deliver your gift to the lucky man, providing him with a nice, pleasant surprise!


Something Practical?

Men are always on the go, and we have the perfect line of products that are suited to making their life just that little bit easier! Our travel accessories, including convenient cases for shaving cream and face moisturiser, will ensure that they can look good wherever they go. Best of all, these products are all organic and have no artificial additives, helping to exfoliate the skin, and keep your man feeling fresh and relaxed.

Our selection of convenient, easy to use, and leather encased keyholders, provides them with the accessibility that they have desired for ages. Not only do they look amazing, but they can hold up to seven keys! They also cover men that enjoy their weekends too, with a durable bottle opener incorporated into the design.


Something Medieval?

It’s well noted that men love history and their odd trinkets, thus, Krinkle has a great range of intricately designed replicas guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment. We have fully working replicas of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous redesign of the common catapult and trebuchet, allowing to break up the monotony of work when they’re at the office.

There is also Da Vinci’s famous helicopter design, complete with moving parts, that is sure to inspire their creativity. All of these gadgets are presented beautifully, with historical notes and information, and are all made from beautifully cut wood from sustainable forests. Couple this with our 100% recycled wrapping, and you’ll be benefitting both him and the environment!


Something to Entertain?

For the creative entertainers in our lives, why not try providing them with some inspiring reading material? A cocktail recipe book will have him playing around with all kinds of ideas and options, and each is guaranteed to ensure he’s the star of the show at the next family gathering. The shake cocktail recipe book is also presented in a light, humourous tone that doesn’t get lost on the important details, ensuring an enjoyable read even if cocktails aren’t his speciality.

If you’re still stuck, we also have gift vouchers that you can purchase, that will give him the great gift of choice. We don’t just cater for males either. Our great gift ideas for women and gifts for mum catalogues, are a great way to show the lucky ladies in our lives just how much they mean to us.

Whatever the occasion, you can rely on Krinkle for unique and distinctive gifts that will be sure to put smiles on faces.

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