Gifts For Kids

Stuck on kids gift ideas that will showcase your affection and love for that special little boy or girl? Krinkle can help, with our fantastic range of unique and interactive gifts for kids! We stock kids and baby gift ideas online, that will not only put a smile on their face, but also keep them enthralled for years to come. All of our kid’s presents are sourced from the best local and international artisans and designer studios. We know your children will love the gifts for kids that we have for you to select from, and can even have your kid’s gift delivered straight to your door, with an optional greeting card. So go on, treat your kids to a gift from Krinkle for their next Christmas present, or Birthday present, and make it one to remember!

We understand that buying gifts for kids can be difficult at the best of times, and seemingly impossible at the worst of them! We’ve designed our catalogue to offer presents for kids of all ages, including baby and toddler gift ideas. Made from the best materials available, they will also prove to be durable, even with the most heavy handed of kids!


Most importantly,  is that all of our kid’s gifts have been made to inspire and drive their imagination, letting them create their own world. Our collection of cardboard assembly kids gift sets, for instance, will allow your kids to have a hands-on approach to playtime. They can be coloured in, letting them have full control over the creative process, and look fantastic when completely assembled.

Ideal gifts for toddlers, these toys are available in many different types of scenarios. Let your children sail the seven seas aboard their very own pirate ship, or let them play architect and engineer with our dollhouse kit. No matter what they want to be, these will prove to be fantastic gifts for kids! There’s even a kitchen set for the budding little chefs out there, and a plane for the aircraft pilots of tomorrow to hone their skills!

On the subject of hands-on playtime, we’re sure that your kids will enjoy our collection of Da Vinci’s most famous inventions. Being easy to assemble, and fully working when completed, it will provide a real insight into how some of the greatest inventions of all time work. Who knows, you may just be encouraging the next successful entrepreneur with this range of gifts for kids.

We’ve also got attractive duvet covers for your kids to enjoy from Snurk. Spur on their imagination before bedtime with these great gifts for kids. Adorned with five colourful characters that they will simply love, the duvets will let them play out their favourite hero as they fall asleep. Will they shoot into space with the astronaut cover, or live the life of a princess?

At Krinkle, we are committed to sourcing only the finest, most distinctive gifts from all around the world and right here in Australia. Our extensive search has led us to work in close association with the best designers and artisans. It allows us to provide you with a fabulous selection of gift ideas for all types of people, and for all occasions!

Krinkle is always on the lookout for more amazing gifts to add to our collection. Why not keep up-to-date with all the beautiful products that we find by subscribing to our frequent newsletter? It will allow you to get the first look at all of the new presents that we find, and will also include the latest trends in gift giving and magnificent gift ideas. It will make sure that you’ll never be stuck finding the perfect present ever again!

We are also devoted to ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy. All of the wrapping paper supplied by Krinkle is sourced from sustainable materials, and can be thoughtfully disposed of afterwards. It’s our way of making sure that you can give not only a fantastic gift to that special someone, but also be content knowing that you’re doing your bit to help care for the environment.