Grooming products for him that will keep him looking great all day!

Grooming products for him that will keep him looking great all day!

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:26 May 2015 

No matter what he says, all men do care about their appearance, and secretly yearn for face products that allow them to look their best. Finding exactly the right product, however, is easier said than done, and this is even before we talk about particular skin care for them! Luckily, Krinkle’s close association with some of the best providers of male grooming products has allowed us to stock up on a fantastic range, tailored for all of the blokes out there, that will make for fantastic gift ideas for men.

Below, we’ve listed a few suggestions for grooming gifts that will definitely make them happy. All of these suggestions can be found on our store, and are comprised of 100% completely natural and safe ingredients. Don’t forget that Krinkle can also deliver the gift straight to the lucky guy’s door, providing him with a pleasant surprise for when he gets home, as well as an optional greeting card, allowing you to express your true feelings for them.

Face moisturiser

A particular dilemma facing many men is the dryness of their face, with many males either lacking the right tools to deal with the problem, or seemingly reluctant to treat it before it becomes an issue. Face moisturisers are brilliant presents for men, particularly as they can carry it around with them, ensuring they look their best throughout the entire day.

Triumph & Disaster have a superb product called the gameface moisturiser, made from the finest, organic ingredients that our neighbours in New Zealand have to offer. Designed to be as non-greasy as possible, and with special tightening actives, your special guy will have the right tools to look his very best all of the time, every time.

Shaving cream

Often overlooked by many males, choosing the wrong shaving cream can do far more harm than good, often inflaming the skin, and causing itchiness and redness around the shaved area. On top of that, the aroma of the shaving cream itself can have a huge effect on them, either detracting or adding to their existing after shave preference.

We stock a range of shaving creams, tailored specifically to mimic the traditional medicinal aroma that was so prevalent in the 1950’s and 60’s. This shaving cream is guaranteed to minimise any adverse effects of shaving as much as possible, and the inoffensive scent will complement any after shave perfume available today.

Body wash and shampoo

A popular product in recent years has been the traditional body wash, doubling up as an effective shampoo product. For the man that wants everything in one, convenient place, this is the product for them. Scented in fruity and pleasing aromas, as well as providing total care for both skin and hair, it will give them that extra boost in the morning, getting them up and ready to tackle the day head on!

The experts in unique gifts

At Krinkle, we take pride in sourcing out the finest unique gifts available from around the world and right here at home. We also have a brilliant selection of gift ideas for women, that will allow you to spoil that lucky girl. Don’t forget about this coming Mother’s Day either! Krinkle has you covered with a fine, boutique selection of majestic gifts for mum, allowing you to express just how much you love her.

Like the ideas in this article, or maybe you have your own? Have you ever bought a face care product for a male before? Did he like it? Tell us all about it before you go, by leaving us a comment in the section provided.

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