Is her birthday coming up? Six great gift ideas for her

Is her birthday coming up? Six great gift ideas for her

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:18 June 2015 

That important lady in your life is having her very special day quite soon, and it’s important to select that perfect present that will show her just how much you mean to her. But finding just that right gift for someone special can be quite hard, especially when you have so many items to choose from. We’ve come up with a list of things that are bound to put a smile on their face, as well as show her just how much you care for her.


Watches are great gifts for her, and we possess an extensive range of watch styles that will cater for everyone’s needs! Elegantly decorated, and built to last for a long time to come, the watches in our store also complement a wide variety of different attires and clothing pieces, giving her the gift of convenience.


Jewellery, whether they be earrings, pendants, or necklaces, have always been popular as birthday gifts for her, and we stock numerous gifts in our jewellery catalogue that are guaranteed to excite. From sterling silver earrings, to sustainable timber pendants - each brilliantly presented in its own gift box - she will be under no illusion as to how much she means to you.


We’re right in the thick of winter at the moment, and the option of a scarf as a present, will prove to be a caring and considerate choice as a gift. Our collection of scarves are presented in an extensive variety of vibrant colours and pleasing patterns, as well as an equally as large range of fabric, such as thick wool or fine silk.

Stylish ponchos

For the lady looking to completely avoid the winter’s chill, we also have a great array of colourful and stylish woollen ponchos, which will keep her warm and turn heads, wherever she goes. The garments are expertly knitted by hand, and their manufacturing process essentially ensures that these ponchos are guaranteed to last for a long time.


Everyone loves a unique, perfectly crafted handbag, and we stock some of the most practical and attractive handbags and purses available on the market today. Suiting a wide range of hobbies and occupations - such as dedicated beach bags and sophisticated work handbags - these bags are bound to be great gift ideas for a girlfriend, and will be a timely reminder of your love for her.

Oil paints

With the organic revolution in the cosmetic industry moving along at a quick pace, oil paints can prove to be a fantastic gift idea for her, allowing her to look after her skin without harmful chemicals or additives. Presented in sublime fashion, whilst also adhering to all air travel requirements, the set of dedicated oil paints will make for brilliant gift ideas for mum during the festive season.

We also haven’t forgotten about the special men in our lives, and our gifts for him section will provide you with an infinite amount of ideas, to really show him just how important he is in your life. Krinkle is committed to providing you with the finest selection of gifts that you will find anywhere else. Browse through our store today, and select a truly unique gift for that special person!

Do you have a birthday coming up soon for that special someone? What are you going to get her?

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