Is it Time to Give a Gift? Why not a Beautiful Watch?

Is it Time to Give a Gift? Why not a Beautiful Watch?

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:16 April 2015 

A fine, attractive watch has always been a great gift idea, especially as birthday present ideas. Giving someone you care about either a sophisticated, sporty or elegant watch is always bound to put a smile on someone’s face, although unfortunately expensive. Some watches start from upwards of $500 nowadays, and you obviously don’t want to compromise on the quality, functionality or style of the watch for the sake of affordability.

Luckily for you, Krinkle’s association with some truly inspiring, upcoming watch brands, has allowed us to collect exotic and attractive watches at a cost effective price. So that’s one problem out of the way, but what exactly goes into the making of a good, visually stunning watch? Watches are designed to be tailored specifically to the wearer, and should complement their choice of attire. Below we’ve listed a few key points that will help you in choosing the perfect watch for someone special.



The turn of the mid 20th century was marked by an exploration of the meaning and value of different colours, effectively ending the notion that a watch face had to be several shades of silver and nothing more. Colour band watches are now a common sight on the streets of our cities, offering something instantly noticeable, and a chance to complement the wearer’s hair colour, eye colour, or general clothing choice.

Recently, watch brands have also been experimenting with colours on the watch face itself, working with elements of juxtaposition and colour similarity to create a face that is instantly recognisable. These watches refine the aesthetic process further, and will set the lucky recipient apart from the rest of the crowd. Find out what the receiver’s favourite colour is, and most likely, we’ll have a watch that matches the description!


Decorative Watch Bands

Conventional watch bands will often have a singular colour, and this has rarely been challenged or experimented with. However, there are watch bands that feature distinctive and unique patterns, colour combinations and materials, all of which are designed to add a spark to the attire. At Krinkle, we ourselves have stocked up on some truly beautiful watches with decorative bands, coming in a range of patterns that are designed to suit the many different tastes and preferences out there.


Watch Faces

The most distinctive point of the watch is the watch face itself. Watch designers have a particular conundrum to address in creating an elegant, attractive watch face, whilst still incorporating all of the necessities and making them easy to read. There is no substitute for a truly distinctive watch face, and Krinkle possesses a great selection of intricately designed faces - including gem encrusted ones - that will allow the gift receiver to stand out from the crowd.


Krinkle is your first destination for unique and incredibly beautiful gifts, allowing you to give a present to someone that will show your full gamut of emotions and dedication to them. From gifts for dad, to gifts for mum, we have it all! We can also arrange for the gift to be delivered to their door, allowing you to give the ultimate gift of surprise. It’s just one way that Krinkle is here to make gift giving fun and easy for you.

What’s your idea of a beautiful watch? We’d like to know, so drop a comment below!

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