How My Passion For Gift-Giving Started the Krinkle Journey

How My Passion For Gift-Giving Started the Krinkle Journey

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:5 May 2016 

How My Passion for Gift-Giving Started the Krinkle Journey

I have always loved giving gifts.  I remember even as a child with my pocket money in hand, I would head out to the shops and I would spend time thinking about the person that the gift was for, what their interests were, favourite colours, foods, day to day habits, gift occasion and of course my budget.

All of these things would play a part in helping me choose a gift that I thought they would love.  I would go from shop to shop trying to imagine their reaction on receiving the item and whether it would be a valued piece or just another dust collector.  Sometimes it was easy to find what I was looking for and other times it took days.  I did not always have a specific item in mind but I would use the profile of the person and see what felt right.  My reward was the receivers reaction of pure joy & excitement with comments such as ‘how did you know’ ‘this is perfect’ ‘ I love this colour’ ‘just what I needed’.  If the match was not right then I would just endeavour to try again next time to get it right.

It is often the small things that make a difference for people that make them feel special and understood by those around them.  Gift-giving for me is a way of expressing how much that person means to me.  I believe that giving a gift to someone is not about the dollar value spent, it is about the thought that goes with the present.  You do not even need to buy a gift, it can be something that is made with love or an action that reflects the care and thought for a particular person, after all, we all love to feel spoilt and special to those closest to us.

I also always have had a love of colour, home décor, art & design and travel.  I studied Art History at university and would in my spare time cut out favourite pictures from magazines and collect them in a folder.  I am a browser and love looking in shops that are hidden down little alleyways, finding artisans that offer something a little different from the mainstream and learning about their stories or journey of how they created their products.  Work took me in other directions and it was not until I had children of my own, a mum at home and looking for a new direction that my old loves all came together for an online shop that sourced unique gifts directly from artisans and designers.  I try and source products that have a sustainable edge and a design quality that is simple and timeless. 

We are a family run business based in Melbourne and we try to incorporate the love of gift-giving by providing free gift wrapping and we hand write all the gift card messages.  To help with gift ideas view the Krinkle Brochure or use the Gift Finder tool on our website to match gifts to the person you are buying for ... or something special for yourself!


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