Introducing “Scribble-It” – Creative, Interactive Homeware Gifts!

Introducing “Scribble-It” – Creative, Interactive Homeware Gifts!

Date Posted:30 November 2015 

Krinkle is very excited to announce our fresh new range of ‘Scribble-it’ products, from the creative innovation of DearDiary Design.

Stimulated by graphic designer Jazmine Bradley’s passion for scribbling down memories in journals and scrapbooks - Scribble-it’s unique range of interactive gifts and home décor are inspired by…

“…the need to create physical keepsakes in this new age world, the desire to personalize everything that surrounds us and make it our own, and the delight of sharing in a hands-on creative activity whether you are young or young at heart.” – Jazmine Bradley

Our featured range includes:

Dear Diary Leave a Comment CushionLeave a Comment cushion

Create a fun, long lasting personalized keepsake by signing your name or message on a crafty “Leave a Comment” cushion. An ideal group gift for a number of occasions, from graduations to engagements, this cushion doubles as a creative little message board or stylish guest book.


The Leave a Comment Cushion was the winner of the 2015 GALA Award in the Children’s product category, presented by Life Instyle Trade shows.


Dear Diary Bubble SoftieComment Bubble Softie

Similarly, the “Comment Bubble” softie is a unique and imaginative forum for personalized messages.

Leave a cute comment for a loved-one to cuddle up to in your absence, or create a unique gift card for an occasional present.

Both of these products are hand-screen printed and manufactured in Melbourne using 100% cotton, and include one permanent fabric marker – to get you started on your individual design!

Of course, to truly facilitate your creative juices, a range of coloured non-permanent markers may be required…


Dear Diary Pencil Case with Markers8pk Deluxe Washable Fabric Marker Set

Suitable for all DearDiary Scribble-It products - once you’ve finished scribbling and want to refresh, simply cold machine or hand wash your creation, watch the marker wash away, and you’re ready to start again!

The ‘Deluxe’ washable marker set also comes with a cute Scribble-It pencil case, which you can personalize with your markers… another medium for your scribbling.

These markers are an essential accessory to another of our new Scribble-It products… meet Gwomp!



Dear Diary Gwomp Monster SoftieGwomp Monster Softie 

Gwomp is a loveable monster that you can colour, cuddle and keep until you feel like a change up. Then you can simply give Gwomp a wash, and a makeover.

A gift that keeps on giving for any young creative!

Like our other cushions, the Gwomp Monster softie is 100% cotton and includes on fabric marker.

All of our Scribble-It products are the materialization of creating something that is personable and unique, perfect as a special gift or playful and memorable keepsake.

The words “Dear Diary” represent the reflection and recording of memories, and this exciting range of interactive home décor allows you to capture your imaginative scribbles, and create lasting memories.

Be inspired by our DearDiary designed Scribble-It products, as well as other unique gifts and homewares at Krinkle online today.

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