Male Online Shopper

Male Online Shopper

Author: Katrina Rinckes, Krinkle   Date Posted:15 September 2014 

The Online Male Shopper

Male Shpper

The shopping scene is changing to cater for the new online male shopper. The online male shopper is every age group, every budget and every interest group.  They buy for themselves and for others, they like quick, easy shopping that follows the WYSIWYG approach.

This is a huge shift from the traditional male shopper – we have all seen them standing outside shops while partner/wife/girlfriend/Mum browses for hours while HE waits impatiently, checking the footy score on his smart phone.

He is more than happy for his significant other to shop for fashion, trinkets, kitchen utensils or even the weekly groceries while he is completely disconnected from this shopping experiences, or as he thinks of it, this shopping Hell!

The online male shopper prefers to be completely relaxed when shopping – mostly late evening after dinner.  He can browse for a gift for mum, tech gadgets, read product reviews simultaneously while checking the footy score, social media and catching up with the news.  

His shopping experience is less about comparing the market and getting the best bargain in the local shopping centre.  He is more likely to follow trends online particularly for personal items, gifts for men and grooming, fashion, accessories and clothing.  The world of online shopping has opened up these areas to males who would not otherwise be interested.

There seems to be two distinct groups of online male shoppers.  Gen X, Y, Z follow trends, read magazines and live in the world wide digital age.  These are purposeful shoppers that carefully match presentation, fashion and personal items with a specific and coordinated look and theme.

The older online male shopper lives alongside the digital world, and sees it as another tool:  a reference check and another set of opinions to inform and challenge him.  He chases fact-based research, compares features and prices.

Both groups of online male shoppers like the ‘point and shoot’ of online shopping, convenience and service.  This is the ‘I like it and I will buy it’ the modern equivalent of the hunter gatherer.  The difference between them is how they get there.

The online male shopper enjoys shopping and as a result online stores need to include the male shopper in their demographics and consider their shopping behaviour.


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