Special Occasion Gifts - We've Got Your Back!

Special Occasion Gifts - We've Got Your Back!

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:29 February 2016 

Special occasions… we all have them marked on our calendar for months, eagerly counting down the days until we can celebrate that birthday / wedding / baby shower etc.…whatever the momentous occasion may be, with your closest friends and family.

But of course, the same old question always lingers… What to buy?!

Unless you know the exact present somebody wants (which unfortunately is rarely the case) buying gifts for special occasions can be particularly hard. Especially when you know for a fact everyone else attending the event will also be buying a gift… how do you find something unique and meaningful?!

To help with this exact dilemma, our team at Krinkle has spent countless hours attending trade fairs around Australia, and communicating with inspiring designers and artisans, to support building our online catalogue of unique gifts for special occasions.

Here a just a few of our top special occasion gift ideas. For more inspiration, please browse our range of gifts online, catering for all persons and occasions, and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new products!

Happy shopping from the Krinkle Team!




Poppi Bamboo Salad Bowl and Server - $39.95


Impact Eco Bamboo Salad Bowl & Servers Poppi 


Beautiful, practical, durable and sustainable – the perfect combination for a memorable wedding gift.


Snurk Bob Doona Set - $269.95


Snurk Bob Doona Cover Bedding Set


Make the transition to starting a family a little more familiar by preparing with Bob resting in the corner of the newlywed’s bed.


Natural Metallic Throw - $129.95

and Cushion - $59.95


Indus Design Metallic Throw & Cushions


This beautifully soft cotton metallic knit throw and cushion combination have a touch of elegance that makes them a perfect unique wedding present.




Cocktail Shaker Kit - $85


W&P Mason Shaker Cocktail Set


Any housewarming party is guaranteed to be a great success once they open this stylish Cocktail shaker kit, including jar shaker, muddler and jigger.


Milk Bottle Soy Candles - $29


Inartisan Milk Bottle Soy Candle


These adorable hand poured soy candles in a milk bottle come with a cotton drawstring bag, and in Wildflower Honey or Coconut Lime scents. Warning: you’ll need to buy one for yourself once you’ve smelt them!


NEW Dandi Napkins x 4 - $29.95


Dandi Cotton Table Napkins


Impress with Dandi’s beautiful new range of floral napkins come in sets of four, across a range of colours and styles, including floral beige and blue, and doilie red and light-blue.




Dear Diary Postcard Softie - $29.95


Dear Diary Postcard Softie

A cute and memorable keepsake gift – write your own personalised message on this Postcard Softie, and ensure your gift will be remembered their entire journey!


Dandi Cosmetic Bag - $21.95

Dandi Cosmetic Bag Blue

Practical and adorable, these new range of Dandi cosmetic bags come in floral blue and beige, and are a perfect gift for one travelling with a touch of style.


Oil Paint Shampoo - $9.95

Plain & Simple Oil Paint Hair Shampoo


Plain & Simple’s range of oil paint style shampoo, conditioner and other cosmetics are designed as the ideal travel gift; being delightful to use, stylishly designed and cleverly packaged to suit international liquid quantity standards for hand luggage. Genius!


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