The Top Six Travel Items I Can’t Leave Home Without

The Top Six Travel Items I Can’t Leave Home Without

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:25 July 2016 

The Top Six Travel Items I Can’t Leave Home Without

Few things I have done are more exhilarating than travel, whether to distant lands or to places closer to home where I could explore a new city, state or country. But traveling can be frustrating too, especially if you’re hundreds of miles from your home when you realize that you left your cosmetic bag in your bathroom! Here’s a beauty and fashion checklist to go through before embarking on your next adventure … or, if you know someone about to embark on a trip, a list of great travel gift ideas for that friend or relative who can’t seem to keep her feet in one place.  

Slouchbag Helsinki

1. A Roomy, Flexible Bag  

Personally, I don’t even leave my home at all without a bag big enough to fit all of my essentials and when you’re traveling, having your necessities accessible is key to having a smooth experience. My favourite carryall handbag is a Slouchbag – stylish and roomy and available in a variety of colours.

2. A Cute and Functional Cosmetic BagDandi Cosmetic Travel Bag

It goes without saying that a cosmetic bag is a travel essential for any girl who’s… well, a girl! No matter who you are or who you’re buying for, a cute new cosmetic bag is a great travel gift choice - especially if you’re like me and you’ve been using the same ratty old bag for 10 years. Check out Dandi Cosmetic Bag available in blue or oatmeal. 

Paper Saver Notebook -Teal3. A Notebook That You Can’t Resist Writing In

You know you’ll want to record your experiences somehow, and what more fashionable way to do it than in this attractive and practical notebook? I especially like the eye-catching colour and sleek, spineless design of Paper Saver’s teal notebook – these award winning notebooks make wonderful travel gifts as they have an additional feel-good factor knowing they are also a sustainable choice. 

4. A Pillow That Keeps The Aches And Pains At Home

Scribble It Postcard Travel SoftieEven though comfort and health should be one of the top priorities on my packing list, I’m often so excited to get to my destination that I forget to pack something to keep me relaxed in transit. This adorable Scribble It Postcard Travel softie is yes, a pillow but it also may make you feel a little less homesick while away.  Friends and family can scribble notes                                                                       on the pillow for a bon farewell so you will also have a wonderful keepsake. 

Plain & Simple Oil Paint Travel Shampoo5. Beauty Products That Make You Feel Great

I don’t know about you, but when I go on vacation, I love to pamper myself. This delicious smelling, all natural Plain & Simple Oil Paint travel shampoo is a great way to give yourself that extra comfort, and it's one of the best travel gift ideas for just about anyone! 

6. A Warm, Comfy Scarf

Indus Design Geo Wool ScarfNothing is worse than boarding an airplane only to realize you’ll be freezing the entire flight or enduring a road trip with people who like to have the air conditioner on full blast at all times. Thankfully, this Geo wool scarf by Indus Design, is light and will easily pack away and is a fashionable way to make travel a little cosier.  

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