Top Gifts for Crafty Kids

Top Gifts for Crafty Kids

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:1 June 2016 

Top Gift Ideas for Crafty Kids

If your children love nothing better than immersing themselves up to their elbows in an arts and crafts project, rejoice! In today's high-tech world, indulging the creative talents of your crafty kids gives them the chance to develop skills that will benefit them all their lives. Hands-on activities offer endless opportunities for good old-fashioned fun as well. When crayons and colouring books aren't enough to keep your inquisitive child happy, delight your budding inventor, engineer or designer-in-training with these top gift ideas.


Da Vinci Helicopter Model KitDa Vinci Helicopter Model Kit

Gadget-loving kids ages 9 years and up will be captivated by a model kit that allows them to  build the helicopter imagined by the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. This historically  accurate model, made by Pathfinders, is based on drawings the 15th-century artist made of an  invention he named the "Aerial Screw." Pre-cut parts made from wood include a bevel gear that  spins the canopy on top that Leonardo theorised would "make it spiral in the air and rise high.”  Also available in this range is the Da Vinci Ornithopter Model Kit, Da Vinci Trebuchet Model Kit  and Da Vinci Catapult Model Kit.




Dear Diary Gwomp Monster Softie Monster Gwomp Softie Creative Toy Cushion

Designed for crafty kids of all ages, this loveable  Gwomp monster with its big eyes and goofy grin is  made for scribbling, giggling and cuddling. The  screen-printed softie, made by Dear Diary, is  constructed with cotton fabric and polyester  stuffing, and it comes with a washable marker, so  your child can colour Gwomp over and over again.  Packs of eight washable marker pens are also  available. It's the perfect gift for little ones who  love to doodle.





 Pirate Boat Cardboard Toy Villa Carton Pirate Boat

Ship ahoy! Your little pirates will adore building their very own ship to sail on the seas of their imagination. You'll love that this easy-to-assemble toy boat made by Villa Carton from cardboard comes together without using scissors or glue. Best of all, your kids can personalise the ship with pens, crayons or paint. The result will be a one-of-a-kind creation that offers hours of imaginative fun. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.





Crochet Penguin Kit   Suzanne Houghton Penguin Crochet Kit

Perfect for a child that loves to make things with her own hands, this DIY kit comes with everything needed to create a cute and perky little penguin softie, including a crochet hook, yarn, stuffing and googly eyes. Kids ages 8 and up who are learning to crochet will find it easy to follow the included stitch guide, pattern and instructions. It's a great gift idea for crafty kids ready to take their crochet skills to the next level too. A Flower and Owl Crochet Kit are also available from Suzanne Houghton.


For more great gift ideas for kids, view the full range here.

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