Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2015

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:16 January 2015 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2015


The dilemma of what to choose!!  You feel you need to get a gift but it has to convey the right message.  There are so many things to consider, how long you have been together, is it a special milestone, what do you want the gift to say about your relationship.  You want to show you care and have put thought into the gift.

The expected and usual gifts are chocolates and flowers so why not try something new?  Give a unique gift that will last and your Valentine can keep and treasure.  Consider the person you are buying the gift for and what they like, interests, hobbies, colours and if Valentine's Day is important to them.  For some people, it is not imprtant but we all like to know we are loved and cherished by those that are closest to us.

Handmade and crafted gifts convey a personal touch and original thought.  You do not always have to pay hefty prices.  There are some wonderful designers that produce great quality products at reasonable prices.

We have put together a few unique Valentine's Day presents for men and gifts for her that we think are sure to please.  For more suggestions use our Gift Finder to help you select the perfect gift for your Valentine at

Remember to add a personalise message too ... it is these little details that make the difference.


For the Man in your Life

OrbitKey keyring $39.95   On The Road Travel Grooming Kit  $55   


For the Woman in your Life

Ixora Pendant -Stirling Silver $85  Slouch Clutch Purse - Bellini $90


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