Soy candles, the sweet smelling approach to gift giving!

Soy candles, the sweet smelling approach to gift giving!

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:28 May 2015 

Rising in popularity, due in part to the organic revolution of product manufacturing, soy candles have endeared themselves to thousands of Australians from all walks of life. Coming with the ability to be easily scented to any fragrance imaginable, as well as the highly desirable trait of burning clean (without smoke trails), it’s little wonder why soy candles have been favoured as either gifts for her or as great Christmas gift ideas. A little known fact of soy candles, however, is their wide host of hidden benefits.

To understand the benefits of a soy candle, we have to begin to look at its main ingredient: the humble soybean. Soybeans have been renowned throughout the world for millennia as a prominent and easy to obtain source of protein, as well as a distinctive taste which has made the bean a prominent condiment for many meals. Soybean oil also contains lunasin and a wide variety of natural phenols, which help to improve cardiovascular function as well as disease prevention.

On top of these amazing, invisible health benefits, soy candles provide a vast array of other fantastic advantages for the home, of which are:

  • They can be thoughtfully disposed of after use, thanks to their environmentally friendly nature
  • They last longer when burning
  • They provide a stronger scent

At Krinkle, we think soy candles are fantastic, and below we’ve gone into more detail about why soy candles are great, specifically regarding the three points above. Whether it be birthday gifts for her, or as gift ideas for mum, soy candles will prove to be a winner, no matter the occasion.

The environmentally sustainable approach

Some conventional candles utilise a form of petroleum in the formation of the wax itself. Although in small amounts, and posing no health risks, it isn’t the best idea to dispose of the wax residue just anywhere, as the small amount of petroleum is quite hard for the environment to break down. Soy is a completely organic product, and returns to the earth from whence it came efficiently and effectively.

Value for money, and safe too!

Many candles, despite their great aromas, can still burn out very quickly. Soy candles actively burn at a lower temperature, and as such burn considerably slower than regular candles, due to the smaller quantity of heat. This also means that soy candles pose less of a risk than conventional candles do if accidentally touched, however we don’t recommend trying your luck!

Stronger, long lasting aroma

Soy candles, due to their chemical compound, are able to contain a much larger quantity of mixtures, and therefore can produce a beautiful scent that will linger in the air for a much larger amount of time. Because of this reason, soy candles are a particularly great gift to give to those who own a cat or a dog, as soy candles are renowned for removing aromas such as wet pet hair.

Krinkle is a provider of incredibly fascinating and unique gifts for him and her, and specialise in allowing you to provide a present to a friend or loved one, which they will cherish and remember for a long time. All of the products in our store come from the finest designer studios and artisans available throughout Australia and indeed the world, and we’re always adding more to our already extensive collection.

Ever owned a soy candle before? Did you know you were getting all of these amazing benefits?

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