The gift of warmth - Seasonal ideas for presents

The gift of warmth - Seasonal ideas for presents

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:11 June 2015 

Owing to the Australian population’s sheer enjoyment of the summer sun, there are many fantastic ideas for presents that are in tune with the season, such as dedicated beach handbags and relaxing cocktail handbooks. For whatever reason, however, this is rarely reciprocated for when the winter chill is amongst us, and it can be quite hard to find a winter suitable present for friends and loved ones.

Providing gifts for people based on the premise of escaping from the cold, though, is still a fantastic idea for those who struggle to think of the right present to give. Below we’ve provided a list of seasonal gift ideas for women and men, each of which celebrate the winter season, whilst also acting as an extremely thoughtful gift to give to that special someone. Don’t forget that we can deliver the gift straight to their door too, meaning that no one has to leave the warmth of the house!

Fine scarves

Who doesn’t love a lovely, warm scarf in the winter months? Scarves are designed to complement any taste in attire, and our catalogue of artisan scarves will extend the boundaries of allowing your friends or family to complement their overall appearance with ease. Scarves are also fantastic gifts for teachers, and a present to your educator is the perfect way to show them your appreciation for their work in furthering your career and achieving your goals.

Woollen ponchos

Ponchos have emerged as quite a popular fashion trend in recent years, with their unusual shape and appearance proving to be a hit with many people from all walks of life. Our range of bright, cheerful, and colourful ponchos from our online store are designed to appeal to everyone’s tastes, as well as keep them warm! They are also engineered to last, and will look fantastic on the lucky recipient for many years to come.

Fingerless gloves

Gloves are a luxury in the colder weather, and there’s no better provider of warmth to your hands than cable knit gloves. We stock a great variety of such colourful, cable knit, fingerless gloves, that will not only keep the cold air away, but also perfectly complement whichever attire you’re wearing on the day. Best of all, the gloves extend past the wrist, ensuring that they also keep your forearms nice and toasty, and will prove to be perfect gift ideas for mum.

Woollen throws

A recent addition to our already huge collection, the range of cable knit throw overs that we stock, are guaranteed to provide you with both a comfortable seat anywhere, as well as a warm blanket. The blanket itself is extremely thick, and as such is even suitable for use outside, no matter what type of terrain it is laid over.

We don’t just cater for seasonal weather conditions either, as our entire collection has been specifically designed to provide you with a litany of great gift ideas for all occasions. So if you need birthday gifts for her, or a last minute present for someone special, head on over to our online catalogue, and choose a thoughtful and unique gift for your friends and family!

How have you been handling the winter weather so far this year?

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