Tips on Picking the Right Gift for that Special Guy

Tips on Picking the Right Gift for that Special Guy

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:14 May 2015 

Ever tried to buy a birthday present for him and been stuck on what to get? It has been said before that males tend to be quite difficult to buy gifts for, mostly due to them having particular interests that would need specific catering to suffice (we’re looking at all the sports gurus out there!). When it comes to finding that perfect gift for him that allows you to show your affection for them being in their life, however, Krinkle can help!

Some things to consider when looking for gifts for him to show just how much you care are:

  • The age of the lucky recipient
  • The nature of the relationship you have with the person
  • Any particular hobbies or interests that he has
  • Something that he’s wanted for a while
  • Anything that can make his work life easier


Another thing to think about is whether there has been anything that he’s complained about for a while. Whether it be something as small as not having anywhere to put his keys, or a much larger conundrum like a lack of grooming products, these details will help you in coming up with a gift idea tailored specifically for him. For the former example, Krinkle stocks a dual keyholder/bottle opener made from stainless steel, keeping everything in check, and letting him enjoy his weekends.

His age is also a major determining factor, as males will have vastly different interests and hobbies per generational change. Younger males will be looking for the party atmosphere, and getting them something more suited to this is probably best, such as an interactive, cocktail mixing book. For older males, it’s advisable to get something more thoughtful, allowing him to have a gift that he can cherish for a long time.

Finding the right gift for your boyfriend can be particularly difficult, as selecting a caring and loving gift that speaks of your devotion for him needs to be just right. Typically, your boyfriend will be happy with just about anything you give him, however, particular care in selecting a gift will definitely put a smile on his face. Krinkle’s gift ideas for boyfriend section has some great ideas that will keep him entertained in line with many interests and hobbies.

For male children, who love to get their hands dirty and play with almost every conceivable contraption there is, getting gifts for mum that will allow them to explore their interests whilst also educating them is best. Krinkle has a great line of working replicas based on some of the famous designs of Leonardo Da Vinci, allowing them to see the mechanisms involved with some of the most brilliant creations in human history.

Krinkle specialises in well thought-out, impeccably designed and thoughtful gifts for anyone and everyone, with hundreds of brilliant products in our extensive catalogue. With our specially tailored delivery service, you can have your gift delivered to the lucky person’s door, allowing you to give them a nice surprise for when they get home. It’s but one way that Krinkle is here to make the gift giving exercise fun, easy and enjoyable!

Ever had trouble finding the right gift for the special man in your life? Tell us what you got for him below!

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