Too Many Birthdays, Not Enough Ideas? Let Krinkle Inspire You

Too Many Birthdays, Not Enough Ideas? Let Krinkle Inspire You

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:30 March 2015 

With all of the special celebrations that you will attend this year, there is a fair chance that finding a distinctive gift each time will very quickly become a daunting prospect. Luckily for you, the incredible, online catalogue supplied by Krinkle will keep you inspired to find a truly amazing gift, allowing you to celebrate the important occasions.

Just what do you get for your mother, father, best friend and partner - not to mention your work colleagues - that will make this year’s birthday one to remember? Our extensive collection of birthday present ideas encompass some of the finest designs available, and are suitable for all genders and ages.

With a great collection of scented, relaxing bath oils, you can treat your friends and family to only the best spa treatment, without having to leave the house! These products have been hand crafted from some of the finest organic ingredients available today.

Designed specifically to relax and soothe the aching body, these oils also come in a huge selection of aromas, meaning you can tailor your gift to suit their taste. These products in our catalogue also make for fantastic gifts for teachers, allowing them to revitalise themselves after a tireless week of work at school.

We have great presents for kids too, with a unique range of interactive and colourful toys that will inspire their creativity and imagination for a long time. There are fully functional replicas of ancient helicopter and catapult designs, and even do-it-yourself construction kits of bi-planes and dollhouses.

For those of us who are lucky to have a birth date that falls during the warmer weather, we have a great collection of weather resistant handbags - of which have dedicated holders for beach mats. These mats will prove to be fantastic Christmas present ideas, as they are comfortable to lie on, with their intricate structure of bamboo that is reinforced with soft padding.

We also have a great collection of informative and visually stunning, cocktail mixing books, suited for the birthday boy or girl who wants to get creative on their special day. Elegantly presented with vibrant photos, it’s the perfect gift to give for those who prefer to let their hair down.

If you’re still stuck on what to get, Krinkle can let you give the greatest gift of all, the gift of choice. Our gift vouchers allow for the lucky receiver to pick from our great products, with the added convenience of having the gifts delivered straight to their door.

If you had something particular in mind, you can also try our gift finder, located at the top of this page. Krinkle’s gift finder is comprised of many parameters and criteria, allowing you to set the age, gender and the allocated budget for your gift.

All of the gifts in our catalogue represent the best designs from some of the most inspiring artisans, from both across the world and here at home. We’re always looking for more great gift ideas for mum too, so you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with all of the fantastic new products that we add to our collection.

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