Unique and Fantastic Gifts for Under $60!

Unique and Fantastic Gifts for Under $60!

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:26 March 2015 

Someone’s big birthday is coming up, and you’re all ready to head out and celebrate; problem is, you have no gift because payday is next week. We’ve all been in that position. Rather than spending hours on end adding up your small change, why not let the team at Krinkle provide you with some fantastic gift ideas for under $60? You’ll be surprised at the high quality presents you can get from our store for only sixty bucks!

Best of all, there are fantastic products that will suit every occasion, and also make for truly wonderful gifts for him and her! Krinkle can also deliver it to their door for a special surprise for when they get home, anywhere in Australia, for the low flat rate price of $10!

We’ve come up with a few great gift ideas below that all fall under the $60 mark, that will guarantee to make their special day one to remember, and save your blushes!


For the Person on the Go!

For that special person in your life, is this their last birthday in Australia before heading off on their grand adventure overseas? Allow them to stay fresh and look great, wherever they go, with our great selection of face care products that are easy to pack for added convenience! Representing some of the best organic products available today from renowned and emerging designers, these cleansers will keep their face revitalised throughout their journey!

They are also great ideas for when it comes to getting gifts for dad and gifts for mum, allowing them to relax and rejuvenate themselves at home. Free from potentially harmful toxins and chemicals, such as PED’s and sulphates, you can give them a gift that will allow them to look and feel superb.


Elegant, Silver Jewellery

Our range of sterling silver earrings are shaped to represent the beautiful, flowering blossoms of the anise and sycamore plants. An incredibly high attention to detail has been dedicated to the manufacturing of these earrings, and the results are truly stunning. Being lightweight and durable, these earrings will suit any woman’s style and attire, and remind them of your care and devotion wherever they go.

We have accessories for the men in our lives too! The striking and distinctive watches available in our gift ideas for boyfriend section, represent some of the finest craftsmanship and presentation around. They will give him the accurate time all the time, whilst also complementing his attire perfectly.


Magnificent Clothing Accessories

Krinkle’s exceptional collection of fine, silk woven scarves, will make for a fantastic addition to the lucky recipient’s general attire! Coming in a wide range of vibrant colours and intricately presented patterns and designs, these scarves are suited for both the summer and winter months. They are also light to walk around with and are thin, meaning they can be stored away with relative ease.

We also possess a fine range of equally as attractive ties and gloves, that will allow them to go to work and special occasions in style. Made right here in Australia, from locally produced materials, they are the perfect gift to give for the workaholics amongst us!


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