What’s in a tie? A gift guide to choosing the right one

What’s in a tie? A gift guide to choosing the right one

Author: Katrina Rinckes   Date Posted:4 June 2015 

Buying a tie as a present for that very special man in your life may seem somewhat stereotypical, but you can count on them never saying that they have too many! Providing them with a bespoke, attractive tie for those important occasions and their workplace is a great idea, as it not only allows them to add that extra bit of class to their attire, but also gives them confidence in how they look. But just what exactly makes a good tie, and how do you go about choosing the right one for him?

We’ve come up with a short list of things to look for when purchasing a tie as presents for men, each of which will assist you in selecting the perfect tie that will complement their favoured appearance. If you’re still unsure on which particular tie to select, don’t worry, as we also have a great selection of gift vouchers that will suit every budget, as well as allow him to choose his own tie that will make him look great.

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If you’ve ever thought of a fantastic looking tie as gift ideas for men, you’ve most likely come across a particular hurdle - which colour will they prefer? The answer is directly related to their particular tastes, with some men preferring very minimal colour, whilst others love the idea of numerous colours as tie decoration. Find out what he likes, and think about what he commonly wears with his current collection of ties, and choose something that will complement those choices.


Another controversial debate is whether to choose solid ties, or ones that are adorned with various patterns. Ties come in all sorts of patterned layouts - the most popular being checks - and again this relates to what he prefers. If he wears attire that incorporates a chequered pattern, then it’s safe to say he’ll be a huge fan of a chequered tie. Think about what he frequently wears, and see if there’s a common line of pattern choices that he prefers.

Windsor or bow?

Almost everything in the fashion world in the modern era is bringing back the retro look - traditional items of clothing that seemingly disappeared during the contemporary revolution of the 1980’s. Bow ties are once again popular as a result, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, whilst many men simply cannot stand the thought of tying a windsor knot every morning. If he’s into the retro fashion trend, then he may appreciate a bow tie.


There are two common materials with which ties are made - silk and cotton - and both of these come with their own set of benefits and aesthetic attributes. Silk ties will provide a striking, natural sheen to the overall piece of clothing, whilst a cotton tie will be more soft and inviting. If he’s a fan of dressing to impress, a silk tie may be better suited for him, whilst cotton ties are more in the domain of those that want to dress in a subdued, smart, and sophisticated manner.
What’s your favourite type or style of tie? Do you regularly go out and buy your own?

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